Which Schools of Massage Therapy Best Suit You

Which would be the best place to work as massage therapist? It would be Hawaii. Being always known as a hot tourist destination makes Hawaii’s massage therapy industry a requirement to making it a top tourist attraction to relax and unwind. And massage therapy always makes tourist relax and unwind. What would be a nice state to study massage therapy?

Again I say Hawaii. Hawaii’s schools of massage have the advantage of having its Massage therapy industry booming making their faculty into top rate practicing professionals. Who better to teach the course than teachers who are both knowledgeable in theory and practice. Hawaii is also an accredited state making students who get their license instantly be nationally and internationally accredited. Giving the new licensed graduates more options to look for work. And of course, come on it’s Hawaii, coming to school here would be like having a vacation without having to travel that far.

That’s just an awesome reason to come study in Hawaii. So what would be the best school of massage that would suit you? This time the answer won’t be Hawaii. Seriously though the answer would be to get into a massage school that offers you a general overview of all massage therapy styles and also teaching you the basic of all these styles. As you know there are a lot of massage therapy styles. A recently published article has even cited 80 styles. That’s just too much to handle so it is important we begin with an overview and introduction to the basics.

Basic courses in massage schools would offer such massage therapy courses like massage tech, anatomy & physiology, shiatsu, lomi, jorei, hydrotherapy, assessment, reflexology, chair massage and aromatherapy. There are also basic courses for pre-natal, orthopedic massage, business tactics, ortho bionomy, neuro muscular therapy, treatment & pathology and clinical practice.

Then if you have taken up all the required basic courses, it is up to you to proceed to study in the specialization of a particular style of massage therapy or not. Which I would advise that you do. So that’s it for now and I do hope you take my advice and study in a great school of massage in Hawaii. And if your parents wouldn’t believe you that you really are going to study in Hawaii then let them read this article. They may even be convinced to come study with you. Is that a good thing or bad thing?